Fanzine Submissions

Hi humans.  We're putting together a fanzine to send out with our Spring / Summer Line.  There's no theme to the publication other than "cool shit our friends made," so submit anything you want. Poem, drawing, comic, short story, movie review, disturbing photos of your pet turtles having sex...Those are just a few ideas.  As long as it's your own "original work" and follows the submission guidelines it will be considered.

Submission guidelines:

  • 1 page is best, 5 page maximum.
  • Nothing illegal (don't steal someone else's work, no child Pornography. Use common sense.)
  • It will be printed in black and white, and fairly shitty quality (think xerox copies), so something like a line drawing in black ink will look great, while something like a hi-def photo of the Alaskan sunset may not turn out the way you wanted it to.  Just something to keep in mind.
  • If you submit something, you give us full permission to print it.  
  • Questions?  Email us: